Preparing for Spring


We are all waiting for the snow to melt and spring to begin to blossom. Full of  colors and life spring is always a time for lovely fashions one of which has always been stunning floral prints. SOOOO let me introduce you to a new outfit  Shey. This floral gown and pumps come with a color changing HUD for 4dress patterns and 3 shoe colors!


Date Night

I do no often do location shoots but I just couldn’t help myself! Have you been to OTFC recently? We have went over a make-over and both the following images were taken on sim! It is a beautiful layout wth the OTFC store, a hub for October Studios for amazing photos and a store for Muse Poses! This beautiful landscape is just perfect, pick up some items pop em on and hey now you can even take amazing photos while your there! Hey take an additional turn and visit the Muse Poses store (or pick up some in OTFC Store)! Not a photographer? Well lucky you take a turn and check out October Studios for some amazing quality images.

Well February is already here and I have had a hectic January! But as Valentines day approaches you need to make sure your all dolled up for that special date night! This year, I am planning for a night of planning at a ballroom to dance the night away. And guess what I got the outfit and accessories at OTFC this year for a steal of a deal!


So let’s see, what did I get this year? A BEAUTIFUL AND ELEGANT evening gown with subtle black accessories and makeup that melts my heart! I know most people always think red is what you need for the day of love, but walk out in this classy midnight blue gown and you will turn heads for sure. Partial Mesh with flexi add-ons this gown fits perfectly still with movement. Amazingly textured and detailed MOLiCHiNO created a masterpiece.


Okay lets look a little closer shall we! Now, this makeup is amazing. It is one layer? Can you guess who its from? Well of course its Madrid Solo. Detailed like always this dark shimmer adds focal to your eyes while contrasted with a simple lip gloss and rosy checks. Now jewellery, oh there is always so much to choose from but this black set from Bens Beauty is what I though was perfect! The black ties in with the amazing eyes and the suddle silver chain and detailing adds elegance through simplicity.

Poses poses poses. So many to choose from BUT more often then not to build up a collection of quality poses is well… expensive! But I doesn’t have to be! Both of these poses were bought at OTFC by Muse Poses for 30L! Yup you heard me, 30L for amazing quality poses.

Available at OTFC is:

Deena – Molichino

Linda Necklace & Earrings – Bens Beauty

Late Night Blonde – Madrid Solo

Poses by Muse Poses